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Cork-sealed whiskies and gins take pride of place in the World Whiskies Awards and World Gin Awards
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Top Series sponsors Gin Magazine 2018 Hall of Fame Awards
Top Series sponsors Whisky Magazine’s 2017 Hall of Fame awards
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Cork-sealed whiskies and gins take pride of place in the World Whiskies Awards and World Gin Awards


Amorim Top Series is the official sponsor of the highest accolades of both awards competitions – The Hall of Fame inductees.
The 2018 editions of the World Whiskies Awards and World Gin Awards highlighted the increasing prominence of cork stoppers in these booming markets.
As demand for whisky and gin accelerates worldwide, fuelled by a strong premiumisation trend, cork has become the preferred closure for many of the world’s leading gin and whisky producers.
In the World Gin Awards, announced in February, many of the winners in both the Taste and Design categories were sealed with cork stoppers.
Examples include Hernö Old Tom Gin, which won the World’s Best Gin for the second year running; 1897 Quinine Gin, voted the World's Best Classic Gin; Ableforths’ Bathtub Gin - Old Tom, voted the World's Best Compound Gin; and Martin Miller's Gin’ Westbourne Dry Gin, which won the World's Best Contemporary Style Gin.
In the Design category, the same pattern of cork closures was also verified, including the overall winner- McQueen Gin (Sweet Citrus Gin); the gold winners - Strathearn Gin and Dodd’s gin, and the silver winners – The Carnegie Club Skibo Castle and Lone Wolf.
In the World Whiskies Awards, announced in March, cork stoppers also reigned supreme, including the World’s best blended whisky, Johnnie Walker’s Gold Label Reserve; the World's Best Blended - Ichiro's Malt & Grain, Limited Edition; the World's Best Bourbon - 1792 Full Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey; and the World's Best Single Malt - Hakushu, 25 Years Old.
In the design category, many of the award-winning whiskies also used cork stoppers, including the Best Brand Design winner - Adnams; the Best New Launch Design winner - Glenfiddich Winter Storm; and the Best Presentation Design gold winner - Bunnahabhain. 
Amorim Top Series is the official sponsor of the Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame awards – the supreme accolades in the world of whisky - continuing a partnership that began in 2004
The company is also official sponsor of the  World Gin Awards and Gin Magazine’s Hall of Fame which started this year.

Numerous contenders to this year’s awards were sealed with Top Series’ deluxe capsulated stoppers – for example Paul John, whose Great Indian Single Malt won two prizes in the 2018 World Whiskies Awards.
Amorim Top Series plays an active role in the award ceremonies and Halls of Fame. For example, in the 2017 edition of  Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame, held in October, the inductees from both sides of the Atlantic received elegant decanters topped with hand-crafted Top Series prestige stoppers.
During the first half of 2018 executives from Amorim Top Series attended the world awards ceremonies in February and March and also other events such as the Whisky Magazine Awards America 2018, held in New York in February.
The awards ceremonies are vital annual meets for the respective industries.
In the World Gin Awards, held in February  at the Honourable Artillery Company in London, Swedish producer Hernö won the coveted title of World’s Best Gin for the second year running, for its Old Tom gin, and also won Producer of the year in the Icons of Gin awards.
Hendrick’s won Distiller of the year, and Amázzoni Gin won Craft Producer of the year. Gin Magazine publisher Damian Riley-Smith announced that Charles Maxwell was the first inductee to the Gin Magazine Hall of Fame.
All winners of the Icons of Gin and Hall of Fame are listed at

In the World Whiskies Awards, held in March in London, Whisky Magazine celebrated its 150th issue, with multiple awards, including presentation of Ian Macleod Distillers as Distiller of the Year.
Three industry giants were inducted into the Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame, sponsored by Amorim Top Series – Dr Nicholas Morgan, Head of Whisky Outreach for Diageo and father and son, Mr TT Lee and YT Lee, from Kavalan in Taiwan.
Amorim Top Series is playing a leading role in the powerful trend towards greater use of capsulated cork stoppers in fast-growing spirits markets - such as Whisky and Gin, and also Bourbon, Tequila, Cognac, Vodka, to name but a few - and currently exports to over 100 markets. 
Amorim Top Series is particularly proud to sponsor these initiatives which highlight the latest trends in the spirits trade.   As premiumisation shifts into top gear, an increasing number of Amorim Top Series’ closures and packaging solutions have been adopted by the spirits industry, adding value to winning products, while capitalising on the sustainability credentials of Top Series closures and creating premium ties to end consumers.